Hand Dryers in the Sink

As I sit here writing this post I have a lovely sinus infection that I am certain I acquired the other night after using a pubic restroom to wash my hands in Pennsylvania Station, New York City.

Maybe this model works better Dyson Hand Dryer but the one I used was a different model and it also had the soap, water faucet and hand dryer all in a row in each individual sink. I used the soap, lathered and washed my hands with the water faucet and then proceeded to dry my hands with the built-in hand dryer.  Immediately upon using this, I realized it was a mistake because I could feel the particles of yuck being propelled forcefully into my lungs and nose!

So basically, anything that was in the sink i.e. mold, dirt, poop! was then forcefully blow up out of the sink onto my hands and into my face.

Whomever designed this and thought it a good idea is an idiot. I will take photos of this model and post them when I am in this Penn. Station bathroom again, but I won’t be using the hand dryer! It’s drip drying for me, so better wear your rubber soled shoes when you go out!

Maybe the Dyson model in the above video works better somehow, but the one in Penn. Station, NYC. Not so much!




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