I used to try all sorts of hair color products. Mostly ones from the local drug store or beauty supply place, but since I became pregnant with my first child, I’ve been concerned about some of the unhealthy chemicals that are put into these hair color products.

Even the so-called "natural" products that you can find in the health food store, have some questionable ingredients. I was happy to finally find a product that is easy to use and colors grey hair 100% (not that I have any of course):-) I found it next to the other products in the health food store, and it’s henna from Brazil called Surya Henna.

I have long hair and I can use one bottle for two different color applications and only need to recolor every 6 weeks or so. The henna comes in all sorts of shades and is already pre-mixed in a nice neat plastic bottle with no messy henna to mix in a bowl or anything. It’s just as easy as using those other hair colors, but maybe doesn’t last quite as long, but also doesn’t destroy your hair or possibly cause cancer.

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