So much to see and do, but so little time. At least I can write about these things in a blog. I save all these little scraps of newspaper articles with all kinds of fun recreational things to do with the family or alone. Unfortunately, I never seem to find the time to do most of them. One of these saved articles talks about the Drummer’s Grove in Prospect Park. On Sundays from approximately 2pm until dusk, from April to October, in the park at the Parkside and Ocean Avenue entrance, percussionists, dancers, and drumming fans of all ages and ethnicities gather in the park at what is officially named "Drummers Grove". This has been taking place since 1968 when a group called the Congo Square Drummers began to gather informally in the park. Since then, this weekly event has become very popular and is attended by professional musicians as well as neophytes. There are even food vendors. Sound like a lot of fun, and it’s free. I think I can at least keep a beat…

There’s more info. at

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